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Synapse dash launcher [Topic #6430]

Author Lexnos, (Thursday 09 August 2012 à 10:10)
Priority Normal
Status Refused
Project Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins (3.1.0)

Lexnos, Thursday 09 August 2012 à 10:10

This is a proposal to the developers of Cairo Dock, as Abram ever seen on this forum, or different support forum of ubuntu and other distros like Mint, people would like something like the dash of unity in Cairo Dock.

Then I come to propose an alternative solution, which is already developed, fully functional and compatible with cairo dock and that lack of developers may end up running out of maintenance.

I mean https://launchpad.net/synapse-project Synapse uses the same libraries that unity so that does not require installation of new libraries and is compatible with all environments. Positive, that is a copy of Dash of unity but being able to rely directly on the center of the screen with Cairo Dock and also the operation is the same, search application, search for files ...

The proposal is to adopt the code of Synapse as the default when you install one of cairo or cairo applications and assist her to their development, since practically only maintain and update the application, the rest is operational.

With this we are sure many users would end up using cairo dock multiplying the index of downloads and use.

I put a screenshot.





Thank you.

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