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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock List of forums Problems at use | Problèmes à l'utilisation
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
Note: We just switched from BZR to Git on Github! (only to host the code and your future pull requests)
Problems at use | Problèmes à l'utilisation

Subjects Author Language Messages Last message
[Locked] Missing tray icons
Guest 6 Guest [Read]
20 November 2016 à 01:58
[Locked] ERROR:dbus.connection:Exception in handler for D-Bus signal
chris1948 English 0 chris1948 [Read]
19 November 2016 à 15:12
[Locked] Change launcher's icon option dissapeard
alexis English 11 Guest [Read]
18 November 2016 à 14:00
[Locked] how to force reset of applications menu?
barbarian818 English 3 Guest [Read]
18 November 2016 à 13:58
[Locked] Unity in 14.04 has UI scaling that can cause Cairo-dock to always load off screen and be unusable
Splaktar English 12 Guest [Read]
14 November 2016 à 13:43
[Locked] I would like multiple (different) instances of Cairo Dock running... not working as planned.
Guest English 4 Guest [Read]
12 November 2016 à 23:53
[Locked] Buggy animation, using cairo-dock with OpenGL
Guest English 1 Guest [Read]
09 November 2016 à 07:26
[Locked] Launch Cairo-Dock on startup fails
apollothethird English 0 apollothethird [Read]
22 October 2016 à 22:52
[Locked] Cairo dock effect is not working
Guest English 0 Guest [Read]
21 October 2016 à 22:49
[Locked] Cairo does not reserve space on 2nd display
Guest English 1 Beekman [Read]
19 October 2016 à 05:05
[Locked] Subdocks opening on wrong monitor
Guest English 3 Guest [Read]
11 October 2016 à 18:27
[Locked] Cairo-dock stopped working suddenly and won't start.
budhochat English 2 on-3 [Read]
08 October 2016 à 12:53
[Locked] Lost my network manager status icon (WLAN/LAN connection) from the upper dock/panel
Perseus English 11 Guest [Read]
06 October 2016 à 09:33
[Locked] Cairo-Dock version : 3.4.1 keeps crashing on Cinnamon 2 monitor
capponz English 1 SQP [Read]
04 October 2016 à 06:04
[Locked] RHEL 7.2 - How to invoke nemo in "shortcuts" plugin instead of nautilius
alainPannetier English 2 SQP [Read]
26 September 2016 à 21:13
[Locked] Dock does not hide when switching to an application that overlaps it
FlyingMG English 1 zoraya [Read]
23 September 2016 à 10:53
[Locked] Help applet screen pop-out will not close when 'X' is clicked; only when <ESC > key is pressed.
jweintraub English 0 jweintraub [Read]
19 September 2016 à 18:04
[Locked] CPU applet , when 'reserving space' causes all open apps to flash up and down very rapidly.
Guest English 0 Guest [Read]
19 September 2016 à 17:59
[Locked] Getting "Packages 404 Not Found" when updating cairo-dock via ppa
mr-t English 2 mr-t [Read]
19 September 2016 à 02:35
[Locked] Double Chrome Icon on the Dock
apollothethird English 9 apollothethird [Read]
16 September 2016 à 16:58
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