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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock Blogs list Cairo-Dock in English! GLX-2.3 released !
The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
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GLX-2.3 released !

Author fabounet, Monday 25 April 2011 à 01:52
Comments 12

After 6 months of hard work, GLX-Dock 2.3 is finally released!

This version is a huge step towards a credible alternative to other shells (Unity, Gnome3, KDE4, XFCE, etc).

Integration into the Desktop
We mainly focused on the integration of the dock with the main components of the Linux/BSD Desktop:

Integration of the Compiz and Kwin effects
when 2 or more windows of the same application are grouped inside the dock, clicking on the main icon will trigger the Exposé of these windows.
Also, the Switcher and the ShowDesktop applets can trigger the Exposé of all desktops, all windows, or the Widget Layer (where you can by the way place the Cairo-Dock's applets).

Integration of Zeitgeist
Zeitgeist is a new service that keeps traces of your recent activities.
GLX-Dock now has an applet dedicated to it; it lets you browse your last visited web pages, documents, videos, musics, etc.
It also adds to the launchers menu the recent files that can be opened with this launcher
(for instance, on right-clicking on the Gimp launcher, you will have a quick access to the recent images)

The Recent-Events dialog

Integration of the application indicators
Finally, GLX-Dock has a nice Notification area (also called systray), which can display all the indicators directly inside the dock.
MeMenu and MessagingMenu are also supported.

The new Notification Area

Integration of many applications with "smart launchers"
These are small applets that can talk to the program, and display several information.
For instance, the "Transmission" applet will display the download rate, and let you see the current downloads status.
Again the integration of other desktops was taken into account, since we also have an applet for KTorrent and Deluge.
Various advanced menus can also be used inside the dock: GnoMenu, MintMenu, Cardapio, and (again for KDE users) Lancelot.

The Transmission applet running

Integration of UbuntuOne
the "Drop and Share" applet lets you share any kind of files over the Internet, by simply droppong them onto the icon.
It now supports UbuntuOne, as well as DropBox and many other sites.

Integration of the restart signal
The Logout applet warns you when the computer needs to be restarted.

The new API
Sign of its maturity, GLX-Dock now has its own framework to manipulate icons, docks, desklets, OpenGL animations, and so on.
It also provides a simple and yet powerful API in a lot of languages, to write applets very easily (Python, Ruby, Vala, Mono, Bash, etc).
A lot of new applets have been developped by contributors thanks to this API:
- a "Quote of the Day" applet
- a Translator applet
- a lot of "smart launchers"
- and many more are to come (Facebook applet, LifeArea applet, etc)

Other new features and improvements
We can also note the following new features:
- better menus layout, easier to use.
- a new configuration window, where you can configure all the launchers/applets/docks/desklets at once.
- CPU and fan speed monitoring in the System-Monitor applet
- the image Slider loads much faster
- better dialogs placement
- new themes
- ...

The items configuration window

The MeeGo theme: clear and efficient!

GLX-Dock runs on any desktop environment, on virtually any machine (including small netbooks and 8 years old PC).
To install it, please follow the wiki (we have our own repository):

If you want to get the latest features, our weekly repository is available for any Debian-based distribution:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/weekly
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

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Guest, Tuesday 26 April 2011 à 13:52

Your desktop looks great, are the two menus on the top corners docks? or desktop panels?

Guest, Tuesday 26 April 2011 à 14:02

Your desktop looks great, are the two menus on the top corners docks? or desktop panels?

Guest, Tuesday 26 April 2011 à 18:19

Believe the top is one menu with a transparent middle. There is a setting where you can create a bar, then design how the icons should be "divided"

Guest, Tuesday 26 April 2011 à 21:43

What Icon set is that???

fabounet, Wednesday 27 April 2011 à 16:13

The last 2 screenshots have been made with the MeeGo theme, which has 2 docks.

Guest, Saturday 07 May 2011 à 20:58

Hey there!

Just tried installing the new version on my Debian Squeeze (now stable) but on your installation instructions page Squeeze is still labeled as unstable and Lenny as stable, shouldn't this be corrected? But most importantly, after using the unstable repo as suggest on your site the installation failed due to two packages unable to install. It worked fine with the stable repository though, hope this is just a problem of mislabeling!

Guest, Saturday 25 June 2011 à 02:47

on ubuntu 10.04 (32bit), the upgrade to 2.3.0 ~3 has broken something for me. Upon my first reboot after the upgrade, cairo dock is no longer visible at the bottom of my screen, regardless of whether I have windows open or whether my mouse is near the hot area. I simply can't get the dock to show up at all. I checked gconf-editor, and under session>required_components, I still have "cairo-dock -o" as the command for the required "panel" component.

Furthermore, if I open a terminal and run "cairo-dock", "cairo-dock -c", or "cairo-dock -o", I get a bunch of terminal output suggesting that it has found my config files and is trying to build all my launchers, etc, but the dock itself just never appears. When I run "cairo-dock -m" to get the config window, I see that several of the categories are empty (files, desktop, accessories, fun). A lot of the plug-ins I used to use are missing (notification-area old, battery monitor, etc). If I click on "more applets" in the config window, I get a 404-notFound error. I tried re-installing via terminal and all these problems persist. Help? I loved cairo-dock at the start, but the last two upgrades have both broken features that previously worked (first notification-area old started causing crashes, and now the whole dock is just missing).

Guest, Saturday 25 June 2011 à 02:55

follow up on previous post: there's an initial terminal message:
warning : (/opt/cairo-dock_bzr/cairo-dock-core/src/gldit/cairo-dock-opengl.c:cairo_dock_initialize_opengl_backend:171)
couldn't find an appropriate visual, trying to get one without Stencil buffer
(it may cause some little deterioration in the rendering) ...

followed by lots of similar messages with different module paths:
warning : (/opt/cairo-dock_bzr/cairo-dock-core/src/gldit/cairo-dock-module-manager.c:cairo_dock_load_module:168)
this module ('/usr/lib/cairo-dock/libcd-AlsaMixer.so') was compiled with Cairo-Dock v2.3.0~3, but Cairo-Dock is in v2.3.1~0alpha0
It will be ignored

Does this help explain what is going wrong? How do I fix it?

fabounet, Saturday 25 June 2011 à 03:29

ok but we have a forum for such things, please use the appropriate section.
if you're using our repositories, I think there will be no problem (also, update the core and the plug-ins, they must be the same version).

Guest, Saturday 25 June 2011 à 04:42

sorry, I thought this was the forum. Anyway, I just completely purged everything, removed the cairo dock PPA from my list of software sources, and reinstalled what should be the older, stable version through the ubuntu software center. Now it's even worse, I can't even launch the maintenance mode. What should I try now?

Guest, Sunday 26 June 2011 à 00:50

disregard last three "guest" messages. I had forgotten that I had a bazaar version installed, and since the PPA was in my list of sources I had unthinkingly upgraded to an unstable weekly without realizing it. Once I removed that using the shell script (instead of trying to remove with apt-get or through the software center), deleted the /opt/cairo-dock_bzr folder, and reinstalled from repositories, things are (mostly) back to normal.

Guest, Saturday 14 April 2012 à 00:24

The dock no longer installs using the described means on the wiki for Ubuntu 9.10 and there have been no new releases, is this dead?

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