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The latest stable release is the *3.4.0* : How to install it here.
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New applet: Clouds - clone of weather
SQP Français 3 Guest [Read]
06 December 2016 à 05:16

SQP, Monday 22 August 2016 à 23:01 | Quote

Subscription date : 03 July 2010
Messages : 1090
Clouds is almost a clone of the weather app, to show weather forecast icons.

Use the menu to set your location.

  • Autodetect location based on IP.
  • Shortcuts: show dialog today, show tomorrow, open Webpage, recheck, set location.
  • Editable dialog templates.
  • Forecast: max days increased to 10 (and don't count the current day).
  • New option: show time in 24H format.

To do/fix
  • Translations : dialog and gui default for strings
  • Theme location : this first version only use the default "Classic" theme.I still have a few thing to figure out about this config option before I can safely enable it.
  • Reduce timer when fail on first try?
  • Autodetect seem to fail when location name has accents.
  • Find why window management icons are activated.

Possible dock problem (to confirm)
  • External applets left and middle clicks disabled when a subdock is set.
For me, even when the subdock is removed, clicks actions aren't restored.
This can be tested by disabling the applet subdock (set forecast days to 0, restart applet, click is ok).
  • On some systems the right click menu is called twice (and middle click?).

Dropped, because it's impossible to do for an external app
  • Always visible option and its background color
  • Render desklet in 3D?
  • Sub-dock view type.

  • This is a first version, and complete rewrite, so you may expect new problems, but it seem to do the job for me.
  • There's way too many options and loaders for me to test all possible combinations every time. So please be patient, and explain your problems with screenshots when possible (upload with applet NetActivity)
  • The show debug option is at the bottom of the Icon config tab.

  • The new version has a patch for the reported bug "subicons not removed" (method changed, but I never saw this problem)

Debian, Ubuntu, Linuxmint and related
add the repository

deb http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/SQP:/cairo-dock-go/xUbuntu_16.04/ ./

Install the package cairo-dock-goapplets:

apt install cairo-dock-goapplets

Restart your dock

archlinux packages

Edit your pacman.conf file to add the repo:

SigLevel = Never
Server = http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/SQP:/cairo-dock-go/Arch_Extra/$arch

Install the package:
pacman -Sy cairo-dock-goapplets

Restart your dock

More about the install in the doc

install godock applets or dock rework


Menu options

Set location name

Then confirm the one you want in the list

Forecast 5 days (+today)

Forecast 10 days (+today)

Dialog weather today

Dialog weather forecast

Guest, Tuesday 30 August 2016 à 09:18 | Quote

SQP, Monday 29 August 2016 à 12:18

not everybody a linux expert
pls give a full command line path to install by PPA(the above mantioned does not work)
(Mkint 13, Maya)

Guest, Wednesday 09 November 2016 à 07:00 | Quote

Just installed cairo-dock-goapplets in Ubuntu 16.04 64bit but I can't find the clouds applet at all! Help!

Guest, Tuesday 06 December 2016 à 05:16 | Quote

I'm the one who posted the last post. Actually i was using an older version which didn't have the clouds applet. After downloading the .deb file from this site: http://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3ASQP%3Acairo-dock-go&package=cairo-dock-goapplets
I now have the applet and it's working with ubuntu 16.04!

Applets | Applets

Subjects Author Language Messages Last message
New applet: Clouds - clone of weather
SQP Français 3 Guest [Read]
06 December 2016 à 05:16

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