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E-Mail notification delays
Williamhawk English 8 Guest [Read]
14 February 2018 à 09:41

Williamhawk, Thursday 02 November 2017 à 06:20 | Quote

Subscription date : 05 October 2017
Messages : 130

When a booking occurs or is cancelled, notifications are sent automatically to the client and me. On random occasions (About once a week) for usually a 24-48 hour period, the notification sent to me, will appear in my gmail inbox only about 8 hours after the fact. Thankfully though the notification is received instantaneously by the client. But it's really annoying as getting notifications right away helps plan out short term needs and we don't know when it might occur...

It's not related to the junk folder as the e-mails do come through within the inbox... What could be the cause of this and are others experiencing this?

Please help....

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
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AliciaGill, Thursday 16 November 2017 à 07:20 | Quote

Subscription date : 16 November 2017
Messages : 1
The notice mail for all occasions are ease back to achieve the clients, in some cases can reach up to hours to achieve the proposed beneficiary Do my Assignment no notice or blunders is spotted on the mail line, sends are leaving step by step however gradually.

Guest, Thursday 07 December 2017 à 12:56 | Quote

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E-Mail notification delays
Williamhawk English 8 Guest [Read]
14 February 2018 à 09:41

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