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Chinese contemporary national
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09 December 2017 à 08:38

Guest, Thursday 02 November 2017 à 06:05 | Quote

Peng Liyuan 'unloading' under the new and those titles
Written | Zhao Meng After becoming the first lady, Peng Liyuan and less a title. June 18, 2015 the closing of the Chinese Musicians Association all monclercool outlet[/url] the General Assembly, elected the eighth leading body. Vice President of the Central Conservatory of Music Ye XiaoGang was elected a new chairman, Yin Qing, Guan Mu village, Song Zuying, Liao Changyong, Xu Pei East and other 14 people as vice chairman of the association. Including Song Zuying, including nine people were re-elected vice chairman of the Association. The online spread of the list is exactly the same as the list published on the subsequent midrange association. Xiao Bian noted that the seventh vice chairman Peng Liyuan did not appear in the list of leading bodies. The secret of the two representatives of the Association of Chinese Musicians, the highest authority of the National Congress held every five years, if necessary, may be held in advance or postponed. The last conference was held in December 2009. Since it is the general election, where is the change? After comparing the seventh and eighth chairmanship and vice chairman of the leadership list, the Political Bureau (micro letter ID) Xiao Bian noted that in the latest 14 vice chairman, India Qing, Yu Long Song Fei, Song Zuying, Zhang Guoyong, Meng Weidong, Xu Peidong, Liao Changyong, Tan Lihua and other 9 people are re-elected; Guan Gorge, Guan Moucun, Zhang Qianyi, Zhao Taili, Han Xinan and other five were elected. In December 2009, Peng Liyuan participated in the [url=https://www.zapatose.eu]zapatos nike para mujer[/url] Seventh National Symposium of the Allies, and was selected by [url=https://www.gooseca.eu]canada goose outlet italia[/url] the Vice-Chairman of the All-China Association. The most attracted to the Bureau of Political Science and Technology (WeChat ID: bqzhengzhiju) Zhang Liyuan, vice chairman of the seven Chinese Music Association, is no longer within the list. In the list of 214 members of the Chinese Musicians Association of the eighth board of directors of the list, also did not [url=https://www.yeezyboostco.fr/]adidas chaussure a la mode[/url] find Peng Liyuan's name. The Bureau of Political Science and Technology (microblogging): Xiaobian found a December 25, 2009 China Voice Association Seventh National Congress to consider the adoption of the statute, which Article 23 and Article 24 clearly, the Association The highest authority is the National Association of Chinese Musicians Association, and the National Congress is elected to the Council of the body. The Council shall elect a chairman and a number of vice-chairpersons, and shall be composed of the chairman and vice-chairman. For the Peng Liyuan outgoing lieutenant vice chairman of the post office, political and political bureau (micro letter ID) Xiao Zhai June 19 call the Secretary-General Han Xinan, he Xiaobian explained the Chinese voice of the National Congress on behalf of the newspaper Send the program: on behalf of the members of the group and the relevant units elected, that is, representatives must be submitted through the group members and related units. These submitted representatives, we also have a qualification review committee in accordance with the relevant procedures to review, Han Xinan said, in the unit submitted to the list of [url=https://www.oshoe.co.uk/]nike shoes for men[/url] us [url=https://www.gooseca.co.uk]canada goose sale[/url] did not see Peng Liyuan's name. As for why not submitted, Han Xinan specifically because we do not understand the specific reasons. What are the titles that Peng Liyuan has removed? As of the press Bureau (micro letter ID): Xiaobian published in the Chinese audio association official online can also find the former vice president of the music association Peng Liyuan's resume. This passage introduces Peng Liyuan, head of the [url=https://www.vmoda.eu/ugg-c-260.html]stivali ugg scontati[/url] Chinese People's Liberation Army General Political Department. Chinese famous soprano singer, Chinese contemporary national vocal representative, China's first national vocal master, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's youngest civilian general (general rank), but also by the military inside and outside the audience favorite famous military singer, eighth The first batch of national first-class actors, [url=https://www.vbags.co.uk]designer bags outlet[/url] enjoy the State Council issued the first batch of government subsidies, vice chairman of the China Opera Research Association, the National Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Women's Federation Executive Committee, China Conservatory of Music Visiting Professor, Shanghai Normal University, part-time professor of music, general song and dance troupe art direction. In the above is not real-time update of the introduction, Peng Liyuan has the head of the General Political Song and Dance [url=https://www.airjordanx.co.uk/]air jordan basketball shoes[/url] [url=http://www.nikeneo.com/]nike outlet[/url] Troupe, the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the National Federation of Chinese opera, vice chairman of the National Women's [url=https://www.chaussuresmaxs.fr/]chaussuresmaxs outlet[/url] Federation Executive Committee and other titles. In fact, this time no longer served as vice president of the midrange is not Peng Liyuan retired the first job. In March 2013, Peng Liyuan did not participate in the conference as a member of the CPPCC National Committee. Previously, she is not only the introduction of the eighth, ninth, tenth session of the CPPCC National Committee members, she is also the eleventh CPPCC members. 7 months later, [url=https://www.louboutinu.fr/]louboutinu outlet[/url] the National Women's Federation [url=https://www.eboots.co.uk/]eboots outlet in October 2013 produced the eleventh executive committee, Peng Liyuan's name is not in the column. In addition to the re-election of the 10th CPPCC National Committee members, the Political Bureau (WeChat ID) Xiao Bian through public information retrieval found that the first lady Peng Liyuan also at least outgoing the introduction of the text in the other two titles, such as China Vice chairman of the Youth Federation and the All-China Women's Federation Executive Committee. Peng Liyuan, director of the Art Institute of the People's Liberation Army. According to the Chinese Academy of Music official website October 6, 2014 a report, in the school ushered in the 50th anniversary of the school, alumni Peng Liyuan to the identity of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts dedicated to his alma mater 50 birthday birthday message. In the People's Liberation Army Art Institute official website home page can now also see a reproduced from the Xinhua News, November 13, 2014, the President of the National People's Court Peng Liyuan invited the Mexican President's wife Rivera visited the military writers and artists cradle called the People's Liberation Army Art Institute. Previous 1 2 Next page

Guest, Saturday 09 December 2017 à 08:38 | Quote

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Chinese contemporary national
Guest English 1 Guest [Read]
09 December 2017 à 08:38

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